Palestinian detainee's health condition deteriorates

The health of Palestinian detainee Walid Ghaith, 43, took a turn for the worse in Ramla prison clinic. Ghaith, who suffers heart disease, was recently moved from Negev prison to Ramala prison hospital after he lost consciousness, family sources s....

February 18,2017

Two more Palestinian detainees join hunger strike as Al-Qiq's health deteriorates

    Mohammed al-Qiq’s health is deteriorating as he nears two weeks on hunger strike. The imprisoned Palestinian journalist has been refusing food for 11 days to demand his freedom from administrative detention, I....

February 17,2017

Israeli Forces break into prisoners' rooms in Raymond jail

Israeli Special Forces stormed Monday section 1 in Raymond prison and carried out violent searches. Room 5 in section 1 was violently stormed and searched this morning before being closed, the Palestinian committee for prisoners’ affairs affir....

February 13,2017

Mohamed al-Qiq subjected to torture for 22 days

The Palestinian journalist Mohamed al-Qiq’s wife, Fayha Shalash, called for an immediate and urgent intervention to save her husband’s life as he continues his hunger strike for the 8th day. The wife, in a telephone statement, affirmed d....

February 13,2017

Israeli court sentences Jerusalemite youngster to 12 years

The Israeli Supreme Court in Occupied Jerusalem on Sunday sentenced a 17-year-old Palestinian young man to 12 years imprisonment after charging him with a stabbing attempt carried out last year. Amjad Abu Asab, Head of the Committee of Jerusalemite ....

February 12,2017

Jerusalemite teen speaks about medical negligence in Israeli prisons

 A 17-year-old former detainee from the Wadi al-Joz neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem, who was released this week from Israeli custody after over a year in prison, detailed the account of his detention, saying he was “on the verge of....

February 11,2017

Palestinian detainee dies of injuries in Israeli hospital

The Palestinian injured detainee Mohamed Jalad, from Tulkarem, died on Friday in Israel’s Beilinson Hospital, rights sources revealed. Head of the committee for prisoners’ affairs Issa Qaraqe affirmed in a brief statement issued Friday a....

February 10,2017

22 Palestinians with cancer suffer medical negligence in Israel jails

Some 22 Palestinian prisoners with different types of cancer are suffering from medical negligence in Israeli jails, the Palestine Center for Prisoners’ Studies said in a report. The figure includes prisoners who have spent over 15 years in ja....

February 07,2017

Al-Qiq hunger striking to protest administrative detention

The Palestinian detainee Journalist Mohammad al-Qiq announced, before the judge of the Israeli Military Court of Ofer on Monday, starting hunger strike in protest at issuing an administrative detention order against him for a period of six months tha....

February 06,2017

Fines against minors in Ofer prison reaches to 52.000 NIS last month

A report issued by Palestinian rights group stated that the total fines imposed on minor detainees under the age of 18 in Ofer prison reached to 52.000 NIS during last January. The report stated that 64 child were transferred to the minors' secti....

February 06,2017

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