May 22,2014

Deterioration in Palestinian hunger strikers health condition

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Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) stated that a number of Palestinian sick detainees are still waiting for treatment in Shatta and Nafha prisons.

Following their visits to Shatta and Nafha prisons, PPS lawyers confirmed that Palestinian prisoners suffer serious health deterioration due to Israeli deliberate medical neglect.

Palestinian prisoners Thabit Mardawi, from Jenin, suffers sharp stomach and back pains. He is sentenced to 21 life terms imprisonment plus 40 years.

Mardawi did not receive any treatment in Israeli jails since his arrest in 2002.

The detainee Mohammed Ngengah, arrested in 2012, suffers pain in his left hand, where he conducted medical tests in Ramle prison hospital but he did not receive any treatment.

For his part, the prisoner Naji Arar underwent a surgery to remove a lump in his neck; however he did not receive any medical care following the surgery. He had suffered from the lump for whole 7 years due to the Israeli medical neglect.

Samer Abu Kuwik suffers from bowel problems, where he lost 15 kilograms in a short period of time; however, he received no medical care. Abu Kuwik, arrested in 2002, was sentenced to three life sentences plus 25 years.

Mohammed Abu al-Rub, detained in 2002, suffers from heart disease, sharp headache and chest pains. He is still waiting to conduct medical tests. He is sentenced to 30 years imprisonment.


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