March 06,2014

Two brother detainees confirm being tortured in Israeli jails

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The two brother detainee Noor and Abdul Salam Amar confirmed that they have been tortured in Israeli investigation centers in which they were held for 55 consecutive days.

The isolated detainee Nour, held in Shatta prison, told Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) that he has been tortured for several days during investigation, he was held naked for long hours inspite the extreme cold weather in addition to being deprived from sleeping. 

Nour is still suffering sharp pains all over his body in addition to vision problems due to the torture he faced. He has repeatedly asked to transfer him to hospital however nothing has happened. He is held in isolation in Shatta prison in an extremely narrow and dirty room. Police dogs are daily tied up near the room in order to deprive him from sleeping.

For his part, Abdul Salam Amar confirmed that he has beed subjected to torture, where he was investigated for 55 days in row. He was tied in painful positions for long hours and days. He still suffers from the torture effects.

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