February 13,2017

Mohamed al-Qiq subjected to torture for 22 days

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The Palestinian journalist Mohamed al-Qiq’s wife, Fayha Shalash, called for an immediate and urgent intervention to save her husband’s life as he continues his hunger strike for the 8th day.

The wife, in a telephone statement, affirmed during a solidarity sit-in with her husband on Monday that al-Qiq was subjected to tough investigation and torture for 22 consecutive days before being held in administrative detention, pushing him to declare an open hunger strike.

During an event organized by a palestinian rights group in Gaza, its spokesman Abdullah Qandil said that al-Qiq’s hunger strike came in defense of all Palestinian prisoners’ demands.

He warned that the prisoners are scheduled to declare a general hunger strike in all Israeli jails next April in case their demands were not met.

Qandil called on the Palestinian people to stand firmly in support of the prisoners’ issue.


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